Walking Liguria

The cards of good fortune fell in our favor last weekend as we journeyed to the Northwester coastline of Italy. Extending to the east from the Cote de Azur in Southern France, then arking southward towards Tuscany is the crescent of land know by Italians as Liguria. Characterized by steep forested mountains diving directly into the mediteranean sea with small hamlets of brightly colored buildings and ancient castles clinging to the rocks, Liguria is far closer to my original image of Italy than the flat central valley of the Piedmont that is currently our home. Inbetween two weeks of rainy weather we scored a day and a half of dry and partially sunny weather on the coast. The air smelt of jasmine and sea salt reminding me of Santa Barbara. Song birds, the first I’d heard since coming here, serenaded us from the olive orchards as we stepped off the train in San Stefano de Magra. The sun setting over the water plucked on my heart cords a song of homesickness.

Most of the photos from our trip were taken on a day long hiking journey through the Cinque Terre region of southern Liguria were five small fishing villages are liked by foot paths that traverse the steep hillsides above rocky cliffs and coves of aqua blue seascapes. Laura came down from the Alps to join in the fun and our friend Dorina, a Ligurian native, met up with us for the scenic hike. If our weekend could be equated to a decadent banana split addorned with tasty prosciutto, gellato, fine wines and warm weather, then the base of our desert, providing a solid foundation for all the sweets would be Dave and Ingrid, our lovely hosts. These two wonderful ex-pats whom we knew of through Patrick, put us up in their beautiful home, fed us wine and Swedish pasteries, and showed us around the towns that they’ve called home for the past two years. Enough with the rambling, here are the goods:


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