Starling days

The days are getting longer. We haven’t posted in a while, although we have many stories to tell and continue to make meaty and cheesy discoveries. The flu has made its rounds, and we are all busy with projects in addition to school. Michael is hard at work finishing his salumi book, Aaron is leap-frogging towards utter pork proficiency, and I am collaborating on a collage book and staying up too late. We’ve also had a guest for the last two weeks. My friend Doug hails from Maine and does an awesome impression of an abusive grandmother at the end of a lifetime of smoking.

Doug and I went on a nice long bike ride this past weekend through the Piemontese flats. We pedaled our susies to and fro, high and low, left and right, day and night. Here is a poem the ride inspired and some pictures from along the way. We’ll be back soon with more meatncheese.



Oh plague of one starling,
We are an egret.

We had the flu together.
We sweated through the winter.

My friend shows me the hens and chicks
Growing in pink pots on the gray steps–

Today the white plain has a chorus.
It says, Oh, we are egrets
And there should be more of us and

We are crows growing old, nothing less.
We are thistle, we are dandelion, we are pappus.
We are the wind blowing through the great bird’s crest.

Oh plague of one starling,
The day is round and white without you.
I flew it all the way through.

We had the flu together.
Do you remember?

You are the cold gust in summer.


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